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Journal Papers
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اثر اتفن و ساير تنظيم كننده هاي رشد گياهي روي جلوگيري از يخ زدگي بهاره در بادام (Prunus amygdalus , Batsch ) May 1374
مدلي به منظور پيشگويي دوره خواب و عمر انبارداري در پياز Fall 1374
اثر اتفن و سي سي سي بر كيفيت نهالهاي بذري گوجه فرنگي رقم هاي ارلي اورباناوردكلود April 1377
اثر تركيبات هورموني و ريز نمونه در توليد كالوس در سير در لوله آزمايش Summer 1381
تكثير درون شيشه اي نيشكر (Saccharum officinarum) Fall 1382
بر رسي اثرات شوري بر شاخص هاي رشد و نمو جمن هاي سينودون، فستوكا و لوليوم Fall 1384
اثر هشت نوع پايه مركبات بر عمر نگهداري ميوه گريپ فروت رقم هاي مارش و رابي رد Fall 1385
تاثير شوري بر شاخص هاي رشد در نه پايه مركبات Winter 1388
تاثير برخي از تنظيم كننده هاي رشد گياهي بر تاخير پيري برگ ها و افزايش عمر گلجايي گل بريده آلسترومريا رقم فرتالزا Winter 1391
امكان كاهش اثر تنش شوري در گياه لوبيا بااستفاده از ساليسيكيك اسيد August 1391
مقايسه اثر 1- ام‌سی‌پی و هوای کم‌فشار بر عمر انبارمانی ميوه توت‌فرنگی رقم ’کاماروسا‘ Fall 1392
بهبود عمر انبارماني سيب رقم گلاب كهنز با استفاده از تيمار 1- متيل سيكلو پروپن Spring 1392
تغييرات ميزان ماده موثره گياه ماريتيغال (silybum marianum) در تنش خشكي Winter 1392
تاثير انواع فيلم هاي بسته بندي بر عمر انبار ماني قارچ خوراكي تكمه اي Winter 1392
تأثير 1-متيل‌سيكلو‌پروپن و كلريد كلسيم بر افزايش طول عمر انباري ميوه رسيده سبز زيتون رقم "ميشن Winter 1392
اثر1- متيل سيكلوپروپن برعمر انبارماني و قفسه‌اي ميوه توت‌فرنگي رقم كاماروسا Spring 1393
تاثير غلظت هاي مختلف كيتوزان و پوشش هاي بسته بندي بر عمر انبارماني قارچ خوراكي تكمه اي Fall 1393
تاثير شوري بر خوصيات رويشي و فيزيو لوژيكي دو رقم گوجه فرنگي در شرايط هيدرو پونيك Fall 1393
عکس‌العمل فتوسنتزی، تغذيه‌ای و رويشی دو پايه مرکبات تحت‌تأثير تنش شوری Winter 1393
تأثير پوشش خوراکي كيتوزان بر کيفيت و افزايش عمر پس از برداشت خيار رقم "زمرد" Spring 1394
تاثير متيل جازمونات و ساليسيليك اسيد در افزايش تحمل به سرماي فلفل دلمه اي گلخانه اي رقم اميلي Fall 1394
Manipulation of bolting and flowering in celery (Apium graveolens L. var. dulce). I. Effect of chilling during germination and seed development July 1991
Manipulation of bolting and flowering in celery (Apium graveolens L. var. dulce). II. Juvenility November 1991
Manipulation of bolting and flowering in celery (Apium graveolens L. var. dulce). III.Effect of photoperiod and irradiance. September 1994
The influence of temperature on germination of taree Irani (Allium ampeloprasum L. spp iranicum W.). Fall 1997
Storage potential of bulb onions (Allium cepa L.) under high temperatures. Summer 1999
Effect of various maturity stages at harvest on storability of persimmon fruits (Diospyros kaki L.) July 2003
Effect of auxin application on fruit formation in tomato growing under stress temperatures in the field. September 2003
In vitro effects of Muscodor albus and three volatile components on growth of selected postharvest microorganisms. December 2005
Effect of citrus rootstocks on fruit yield and quality of Ruby Red and Marsh grapefruit September 2005
Effect of salinity and temperature on germination and seedling establishment of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.). September 2006
Effect of mother plant size on offshoot regeneration in date palm cv. Sayer under field conditions. June 2006
Perspective on postharvest biopesticide and storage technologies for organic produce. April 2006
Improving postharvest quality of glasshouse tomatoes treated with 1-MCP at ripeness stage. May 2006
Salinity and Temperature Effects on Seed Germination of Milk Thistle November 2007
Effect of storage temperatures and 1-MCP treatment on postharvest quality of green olives. November 2007
Biofomigation of postharvest fungal apple decay with Muscodor albus volatiles. September 2007
Improving postharvest quality and storage life of green olives using CO2. December 2008
Shelf-life extention of ripe non-astringest persimmon fruit using 1-MCP. July 2008
Effects of Microperforated Polyethylene Bags and Temperatures on the Storage Quality of Acid Lime Fruits Fall 2008
Evaluation of Relationship between Moisture Loss in Grapes and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measured as F0 (F-) Reading November 2008
Grain Yield and Active Substances of Milk Thistle as Affected by Soil Salinity October 2008
Improving Germination Performance and Chilling Tolerance in Cucumber Seedlings with Paclobutrazol March 2009
Potassium Permanganates and Short Term Hypobaric Enhances Shelf-Life of Kiwifruits November 2010
The Effect of Chemical Thinning on Seasonal Changes of Mineral Nutrient Concentrations in Leaves and Fruits of ‘Soltani’ Apple Trees November 2013
Effects of sodium chloride stress on gas exchange, chlorophyll content and nutrient concentrations of nine citrus rootstocks February 2015
Effect of gibberellic acid stratification and salinity on seed germination of echinacea purpurea cv. Magnus Summer 2015
Effect of 1-methylcyclopropane in combination with Calcium chloride on postharvest storage and quality of green olives Summer 2015
International Symposium
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Measurement of dormancy period and storage life in bulb onions. Australian Allium Symposium November 1997
Effect of 4-CPA on fruit set in tomato under adverse temperatures in the field July 1999
Predictive modeling of dormancy period and storage life in bulb onion. October 2000
Increase in fruit quality of tomato in response to bioregulatore auxin. April 2000
Effect of ethphone and CCC on quality of tomato transplant cvs. Early Urbana and Red Clode. July 2001
Bioregulators reducing spring freeze injury in almond July 2001
Predictive modeling of bolting and flowering in celery. July 2002
Effect of various maturity stage at harvest on storability of persimmon. July 2002
The effect of eight citrus rootstocks on fruit quality of Ruby Red and Marsh grapefruit. February 2004
Biocontrol of postharvest fungal apple decay with Muscoder albus volatiles. August 2006
Effect of microperforated polyethylene bags and temperatures on the storage quality of acid lemon September 2007
Effect of storage temperatures and 1-MCP treatment on postharvest quality of green olives. September 2007
Short Hypobaric Treatment in Combination with CaCl2 Improved Storage Life of Strawberry Fruits April 2009
1-Methylcyclopropene Treatment Enhanced Strawberry Fruit Quality Storage April 2009
Hypobaric pre-storage and ethylene absorbents enhences shelfl-ife of red delicious apple April 2009
Effects of 1-Methylcyclopropene Treatment on Shelf-life quality of Kiwifruits cv. Hayward April 2009
Potassium Permanganates and short term hypobaric enhances shelf life of kiwii fruit April 2009
Effects of 1-MCP in Combination with CaCl2 on Postharvest Storage and Quality of Green Olives April 2009
Postharvest Cucumber Quality and safety Maintenance by Edible Coating Treatment April 2009
Improving Postharvest Quality and Storage Life of Green Olives Using CO2 April 2009
Effects of Exogenous Polyamine, Salicylic acid and Ascorbic acid on Postharvest Longevity and Quality of Cucumber fruits April 2009
Extention of Shelf Life of Apple Fruit by 1-Methylcyclopropen in Combination with Polyethylene Bags April 2009
Effects of salinity on growth parameters of 9 citrus rootstocks August 2010
Aloe vera gel as an edible coating improved post harvest quality and shelf-life of lemon August 2010
Effects of rootstocks on fruit yield and quality of apple cv. Golab Kohanz August 2010
Effect of six apple rootstocks on storage span of apple cv. Golab Kohanz August 2010
Citrus rootstocks growth under salt stress condition August 2010
1-MCP treatment improved quality and shelf life of strawberry fruits August 2010
Short hypobaric treatment in combination with 1-MCP enhance strawberry fruits quality during storage August 2010
Effect of salinity stress on growth and development and chicoric acid of Echinacea purpurea cv. Magnus December 2011
Effect of maturity stage at harvest on postharvest quality of apple February 2012