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Journal Papers
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Effect of gibberellic acid stratification and salinity on seed germination of echinacea purpurea cv. Magnus Summer 2015
Effects of sodium chloride stress on gas exchange, chlorophyll content and nutrient concentrations of nine citrus rootstocks February 2015
Effect of 1-methylcyclopropane in combination with Calcium chloride on postharvest storage and quality of green olives Fall 2015
The Effect of Chemical Thinning on Seasonal Changes of Mineral Nutrient Concentrations in Leaves and Fruits of ‘Soltani’ Apple Trees November 2013
Potassium Permanganates and Short Term Hypobaric Enhances Shelf-Life of Kiwifruits November 2010
Evaluation of Relationship between Moisture Loss in Grapes and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measured as F0 (F-) Reading November 2008
Effects of Microperforated Polyethylene Bags and Temperatures on the Storage Quality of Acid Lime Fruits Fall 2008
Shelf-life extention of ripe non-astringest persimmon fruit using 1-MCP. July 2008
Improving postharvest quality and storage life of green olives using CO2. December 2008
Grain Yield and Active Substances of Milk Thistle as Affected by Soil Salinity October 2008
Salinity and Temperature Effects on Seed Germination of Milk Thistle November 2007
Biofomigation of postharvest fungal apple decay with Muscodor albus volatiles. September 2007
Effect of storage temperatures and 1-MCP treatment on postharvest quality of green olives. November 2007
Effect of mother plant size on offshoot regeneration in date palm cv. Sayer under field conditions. June 2006
Effect of salinity and temperature on germination and seedling establishment of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.). September 2006
Improving postharvest quality of glasshouse tomatoes treated with 1-MCP at ripeness stage. May 2006
Perspective on postharvest biopesticide and storage technologies for organic produce. April 2006
International Symposium
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Effect of microperforated polyethylene bags and temperatures on the storage quality of acid lemon September 2007
Effect of storage temperatures and 1-MCP treatment on postharvest quality of green olives. September 2007
Biocontrol of postharvest fungal apple decay with Muscoder albus volatiles. August 2006


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